Delivery . 50 assorted 3 to 3.5cm male guppy's. Regular Price $106.00 Sale Price $96.00. Call Us 812-272-8668. Neighborhood Fish Farm has the largest variety of tropical Aquarium and Pond fish available for purchase throughout the South Florida area. Tank offer not valid in Alaska or Hawaii. We carry a large selection of fancy tail guppies. Items pictured not styled for the technical requirements of these species. They had color and looked healthy. choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Shop Sale Center; Marine Fish Sale Popular Value Packs - Save up to 30% Coral Sale Marine . Click the button to view more images, HNS Guppy Youtube Section. border: 0px none; Dec 19, 2020. Each companion animal is different in shape, color, and personality. 2023 Neighborhood Fish Farm - Design by. All the content in this website are subject to copyright. We have been raising and breeding Guppies, Angelfish, and other tropicals since 1977. at Products, schedules, discounts, and rates may vary and are subject to change. -->, , , WE ACCEPT PAYPAL, CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS, FLORIDA GUPPIES Our commitment is to breed and raise Show Quality Fish. Checking your water frequently is one of the best ways to help keep your fish happy and healthy. All our guppies are raised 2003.We are now growing F4angels collected on our 2004 trip to the Amazon, where we fished on the Nanay River in Iquitos,Peru. I followed the acclimation guide and all is looking great. 25+ Pearl Weed Stems 25+ Pearl . SALE CENTER. Click here for all terms and conditions. Insurance plans are marketed and offered by PetCoach, LLC. Your live fish may not match the image shown due to natural variations in each species. He clearly cares for his fish and was just so knowledgeable on every topic relating to keeping fish. .table_d2e49 td { This guide will also help you set up your . I thankfully stumbled upon this place by searching online And couldnt be happier. The videos uploaded to youtube will have a link back to FGA website. Fancy Guppy | Guppies Fish For Sale | Live Aquarium Fish Splashy Fish, Thing You Should Know To Start A Aquarium Fish Fank. Videos should also contain warer mark/ Name of the breeding farm, so that even if it is downloaded, it directs to the owner of the video. Electric Cobalt Blue Guppies (Pair) $ 16.99 $ 12.99 Add to cart-13%. We are dedicated to our USA bred and sustainably raised fancy guppies, freshwater plants, neocaridina shrimp, and corydoras. } We carry a huge variety of Fancy Guppies for fish tanks and aquariums. with them, and would not sell you anything we would not use ourselves.See how over30 years of experience, One of the more interesting types of fancy guppies are the Moscow strains. use of constant selective breeding. 50 assorted female guppies 3.5cm+ Price $95.00. Red Tiger Endler's Livebearer (Poecilia sp.) $50+ when you buy online & pick up in-store. We carry only the best, most reputable brands of fish food and tank supplies for your little guys! Buy high quality, premium grade fancy guppies at Prestige Aquatics Fish. Yellow Cap Imperial Guppy (Male) $ 14.99 $ 12.99 Add to cart . Fishroom VL. of the flakes and formulas we feed in our hatchery. border: 1px none; Guppy & Tropical Fish Grown in the U.S.A. (Please do not order if your temps are below 40 degrees). Keeping a freshwater aquarium can seem like a full-time job at times, but we're here to help. Members who want to showcase their guppy strains, contact Mr. M.K. Moscow Guppy male- Blue Moscow Moscow Guppy male- Blue Moscow $ 6.99 Blue Moscow Guppies Quick Facts: Care level : Easy Diet: Omnivore Temperament : Peaceful Max Size: 2.5? Guppies. Guppy Fish from Michael's Fish Room that you see on YouTube such as Black Panda Guppies, Pink Pastel Steel Nebula Guppies and more. Follow us as we show the steps on how we are going to do this by following our blog post. By signing up, you consent to receive updates, special offers, program communications and other information via email from Petco. Guppies are sold as trios-1 male and 2 females. We typically stock over 20 breeds of colors of Fancy Male Guppies and Fancy Female Guppies. 15% OFF. The order of this breeder list is based on Membership No. We love hybrid Endlers however we also have some nice Fancy Guppy strains as well as pure N class . Guppies for sale online. Whether you are a breeder or a hobbyist we have something for you! Our guppies are fed a diet of baby brine shrimp, frozen brine shrimp, frozen blood worms, and the highest quality flaked foods. Premium Assorted Guppy (Poecilia reticulata), Tank-Bred From $ 3.99 - $ 119.99 SOLD OUT Japan Blue Gold Double Sword Guppy (Poecilia reticulata), Bredby: Aquatic Arts From $ 15.99 - $ 84.99 SOLD OUT Purple Dragon Mosaic Guppy (Poecilia reticulata), BREDBY: AQUATIC ARTS From $ 17.99 - $ 99.99 SOLD OUT Fish Section. Went here for a fish and advice on setting up the tank for a young child because the fish in the big pet stores looked unhealthy. FANCY GOLDFISH. Our registered breeders, strains they develop and farms with their contact information. They've been very healthy. Florida, United States. Pet Insurance plans are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company (NAIC#21113. With our hard work and effort I have shown many fish and won numerous awards.We were a certified I.F.G.A. Search for: Search. WELCOME TO FLORIDA GUPPIES PLUS HOME OF FLORIDA SHOW GUPPIESDEVELOPERS OF THE H/B GREEN GUPPIESThanks only do online sales ,ship to your home, no pick up at this time, since our hatchery isat our home. Dade and Broward countycustomers get free shipping on fish sales. for visiting Florida Guppies Plus, located in Miami, Florida. Female Fancy Guppy For Sale | Live Pet Fish | PetSmart EXTRA 20% off online only thru 3/5, terms apply. Members get this service by default. Healthy and new Guppies for sale online. If you havent already, come out and visit us soon! width: 100%; Communication of guppy varieties between breeders. We accept Postal Money Orders,And PayPal. . 0M10414). 10 pack of 3cm artic fire male guppy. Here is where you can buy guppy fish and Plecos from Michaels Fish Room! SIGN IN DIVER's DEN Shop All Diver's Den Aquacultured Corals Betta Fish Clams Deals & Steals Freshwater Inverts LPS Corals Maricultured Corals Guppies for Sale: Live Fancy Guppies with Many Guppy Fish Varieties Available Find fancy guppy fish on sale at Qualification of strains of breeders through competitions and shows. If we need to contact you for any reason about your order, shipping of your package may be affected. Best practices while providing a photo or video for this page: Currently we have provided links to our youtube channel in the videos. border-color: #000000; Price of fish does not include shipping which will be by USPS. All Purpose Spirulina Wafer Food, 1OZ Captain Munch Professional A.P.S. We employ the HOME THAI SHOW GUPPY BETTA FISH BETTA FEMALE a top quality flake. . Our business has thrived since 1971 because of you! Fish Shop Showing 1-9 of 55 results Fish (20 Guppy Fry)Tankful Guppy Farm Mother Pond Beautiful Mutt Guppies (Grow Fast) $ 10.00 +TAX Best Fry Buy SEE VIDEO BELOW Add to cart Fish (20) for ($20) ALL MALE SWALLOWTAIL SALE (Get 20 Male Guppies Only $20) ALL MALE $ 20.00 +TAX Sorry, there are no products in this collection. Peaceful Community Fish for Aquariums Bettas Bottom Dwellers Corydoras Catfish Fancy Shrimp Dwarf Gouramis Fancy Goldfish Fancy Guppies Loaches Mollies Platy Fancy Plecostomus Swordtails Small Tetras Semi-Aggressive Community Fish for Aquariums Out-crossing is done every few generations to introduce new blood to the line. Guppies are a classic aquarium fish. Quick View. Originals) BLUE CLOUD DUMBO Male Guppies (Hybrid in the U.S.A). Videos should not be more than 10 MB in size. 3cm artic fire male guppy . We are backyard hobbyist now bringing our own varieties of Guppy to the world. We have been very successful border-color: #000000; Bettas Bottom Dwellers Corydoras Catfish Fancy Shrimp Dwarf Gouramis Fancy GoldfishFancy Guppies Loaches Mollies Platy Fancy Plecostomus Swordtails Small Tetras, Angelfish BarbsDiscus Gouramis Pufferfish Rainbowfish Rams Sharks Swordtails Large Tetras, African Cichlids South American Cichlids Central American Cichlids Eels Peacock CichlidsOscars, 2023 Neighborhood Fish Farm - Design by, Loaches Mollies Platy Fancy Plecostomus Swordtails . Dont have social media? Earn 2X Pals Rewards points at Petco when you use Petco Pay! Quick View. My Account; Compatibility Guide . All live fish purchases made at our physical store are guaranteed the healthiest condition and complete satisfaction. We ship for arrival to the customer Tuesday through Friday and Saturday for an extra charge where available. The One place for your guppy needs. High quality guppies breed to be XL large size, we try to bring the best show quality from the farms All guppies all ready to breed, they are 3-4 months old young. In general, we like to breed to the IFGA Show Standard. Fish came quickly and all seem to be thriving. Endless Endlers, Round Tail Guppies, Scuds, Live Plants, Naja and More!!! Quick View. This group is for members and friends of the Florida Fancy Guppy Club. Our business has thrived since 1971 because of you! thing we have done with our guppies, in 1999. More information available at checkout. border: 0px none; HNS Guppy Pinterest Page. We had our flakes reformulated with Premium ingredients for We Visit Us at 12150 SW 45th Street Miami, FL 33175, South Florida's Largest Selection of Freshwater Fish. Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. is not an insurer and is not engaged in the business of insurance. neon . In California, PetCoach, LLC does business as PetCoach Insurance Solutions Agency (CA License No. Assorted Color Female Guppies (Lot of 6) Save 15 % 16.56 Assorted Color Male Guppies (Lot of 6) 7.99 Bengal Tiger Endler - Male Sold out 6.49 Black Bar Endler 10.99 Black Leopard Guppy (Pair) Sold out 18.99 Black Moscow Guppy (Pair) 9.99 Black Phantom Guppy (Pair) 9.49 Blond Tuxedo Guppy (Pair) 10.49 Blue Cobra Guppy (Pair) 10.49 Visit Us at 12150 SW 45th Street Miami, FL 33175, South Florida's Largest Selection of Freshwater Fish. Free shipping for many products! border: 0px none; 20 for $20 EARLY SEASON GUPPY SALE GET 20 Juvenile Guppy (10 Male,10 Female) $20.00 + $18.00 shipping. With it being winter I was a little concerned with the mail. Not all colors are always available, so be sure to call first if youre looking for a particular color or tail type. Copyright 2012-2022 LIVEFINS Powered by the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, PROUD MEMBER of the US TROPICAL ORNAMENTAL AQUACULTURE Industry, Endler - Black Bar Endlers ( 1 Male + 1 Female ) with Shipping Included, Endler - N Class Red Chest Endlers ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), Endler Blue Star Campoma Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler Campoma Bridge 17 N-Class Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler El Silverado K CLASS ENDLERS (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler El Tigre Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler EXOTIC & RARE PAIR Pearl Flame Tail ENDLERS, Endler EXOTIC RAINBOW SNAKESKIN ENDLERS ( 1 Male + 1 Female ) Ship'g Included, Endler K CLASS JAPANESE NEON BLUE ENDLERS (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler K CLASS Scarlet Chili ENDLERS ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), Endler Lime Green Lightning Endler Pair ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), Endler N CLASS RED TOP BAR ENDLERS ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), Endler Royal Tiger Endler PAIR ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), Endler Santa Maria 'Bleeding Heart' Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female + 3 Fry), Endler Snake Chested N Class Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler Staeck Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler Tiger Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler White Peacock N-Class Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female), GUPPY Blue Leopard Swordtail Guppies with Ship'g Included, GUPPY K TANAKA'S RIO ABRE GUPPIES YOUNG PAIR + 3 FRY, Guppy Pair of RARE Campona Orange Line 'Poecilia wingei cumana' aka 'El Salto' Orange Line Guppies, 1 PAIR of HYBRID RED PICTA 'Poecilia picta' aka Swamp Guppy, 1 PAIR of RED PICTA 'Poecilia picta' aka Swamp Guppy, GAMBUSIA HOLBROOKI Melanistic (spotted) (1 male + 1 female) Ship'g Included, GAMBUSIA HOLBROOKI SILVER PAIR (1 male + 1 female) with SHIPPING Included, GUPPY BLUE FLASH 'Electra' Guppies by K TANAKA with FREE SHIPPING, GUPPY European Cobra Metalhead Roundtail Guppies + 3 FRY with FREE SHIPPING, GUPPY French Pink Metallic Needle Tail Guppies / 3 FRY / Ship'g Included, GUPPY Ginga Sulphureus Guppies PAIR with FREE SHIPPING, GUPPY Mapleleaf Pair of Select Grade Guppies F1 by Kenjiro Tanaka, GUPPY PAIR GINGA RUBRA (1 Male + 1 Female), Guppy Pair of BLUE RIO Guppies (1 MALE / 1 FEMALE), GUPPY Platinum Half Black Roundtail Guppies / Ship'g Included, GUPPY Red Orange Roundtail Guppies Metalhead with SHIPPING Included, GUPPY Ritz Pair Select Guppies by Kenjiro Tanaka, GUPPY ADULT PAIR of RREA HTD Snakeskin Guppies, GUPPY EUROPEAN RED COBRA METALHEAD (1 Male + 1 Female ) with FREE SHIPPING, GUPPY Japan Blue Double Red Swordtail Guppies (1 Male + 1 Female ) Ship'g Included, GUPPY Lazuli Swordtail Guppies (1 Male + 1 Female) / Ship'g Included, GUPPY PAIR of ALBINO Vienna Double Swordtail Guppies, Guppy Platinum Dragon Red Half Moon Guppies (Sold in Pairs), Guppy RREA Rainbow Delta Guppies ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), GUPPY Taiwanese Green Orange Swordtail Guppies ( 1 Male + 1 Female ) Ship'g Included, GUPPY YELLOW COBRA GUPPIES (1 Male + 1 Female ) with FREE SHIPPING, GUPPY YOUNG PAIR Champion Purple Guppies ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), GUPPY YOUNG PAIR German White Tuxedo Guppies, SWORDTAIL Green Hi-Fin Lyretail *Reverse Trio (1HF-M+1S-FM+1HF-F) / Shipping Included, SWORDTAIL RREA Standard Fin Swordtails BREEDER SIZE ( 1 Pair + 3 Fry) with FREE SHIPPING, SWORDTAIL RREA TUXEDO SWORDTAILS Young 1/2" SIZE ( 1 Pair + 3 Fry) with FREE SHIPPING, SWORDTAIL Standard Fin Red Swordtails BREEDER SIZE ( 1 Pair + 3 Fry) with SHIPPING Included, SWORDTAIL Tangerine Hi-Fin Lyretail *Reverse Trio (1HFM+1SFM+1HFF) / Shipping Included, NAJA, Hornwort and Sagittaria / Ship'g Included, PLANT Amazon Frogbit aka Frogbit 'Limnobium laevigatum' with Shipping Included, PLANT DWARF SAGITTARIA LARGE Clump with SHIPPING Included, PLANT DWARF WATER LETTUCE with FREE SHIPPING, PLANT HORNWORT (Foxtail) LARGE Bunch with FREE SHIPPING, PLANT LARGE Bunch of NAJA Grass (aka Guppy Grass) with FREE SHIPPING, PLANT Rotala rotundifolia with FREE SHIPPING, PLANT SAGITTARIA LARGE Clump with FREE SHIPPING, PLANT Sunset Hygrophila (Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig') with FREE SHIPPING, PLANT WATER SPANGLE aka Salvinia 'Salvinia minima' with FREE SHIPPING, LIVE SCUDS 'Hyalella azteca' QTY (100) with FREE SHIPPING, LIVE SCUDS 'Hyalella azteca' QTY (250) with FREE SHIPPING, LIVE SCUDS 'Hyalella azteca' QTY (50) SHIPPING INCLUDED, Shrimp - Orange Cherry Shrimp QTY (10+) with Ship'g Included, Shrimp - Red Cherry Shrimp QTY (10+) with FREE SHIPPING, MALAYSIAN TRUMPET SNAILS Qty (10) / SHIPPING INCLUDED, SNAIL RED RAMSHORN SNAILS Quantity (6) with FREE SHIPPING, SNAIL Red-Eye Mystery Snails with Assorted Shell Colors Quantity (6) with FREE SHIPPING, Aquarium Water Chemistry CALCIUM, KH, Ph, GH, MINERAL CATIONS/ELECTROLYTES, 1lb Captain Munch Professional Show Guppy and Endler Food, 1/2lb Captain Munch Professional Show Guppy and Endler Food, 1OZ Captain Munch Professional Show Guppy and Endler Food, 1lb Captain Munch Professional A.P.S.
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